Carbon Fiber Watch band for Apple Watch


The watch band will initially be available in leather colors of: RED, WHITE & BLACK. More colors will come as this debut transitions to full scale distribution.

This watch band works with Apple watches: 40mm, 42mm & 44mm.

Watch bands are currently only available in (1) size. If you have an especially small or large wrist, please note that these may not fit. More lengths will also be available in the near future.


Apple has the best watch and now the best band is available. Charles Maier has worked for more than 2 years to get a hand made Italian watch band using our urethane laminated carbon fiber. This product is all about niche businesses coming together to make something truly special.

The carbon fiber is woven in Taylorsville NC by one of the last standing textile mills in America. It is then shipped to California where it is laminated. The laminated carbon fiber super skins are shipped to Italy where they are hand cut and hand stitched by a 3rd generation family business on the coast of the Mediterranean sea.

The Italian leathers are bright and vibrant. The leather has been treated to be water resistant. The Lugs are flown in from AVNET; the only Apple approved LUG producer in the world. The final product is packaged and shipped to California where the Maier seal of approval is placed with gratitude for all the hard working hands that brought this to market.

So your new watch band will be made from the collaboration of no less than 5 companies world wide. We are not working to produce the cheapest product possible. We have been working to produce the best product in the world.