Charles Maier

charles-maierAs visionary and founder of ‘Maier’, Charles Maier has been blessed with the opportunity of combining his passions for motorsport and high-end fashion into a unique line of fashion accessories that were bred in racing from a pedigree of purity. Born in 1969, Charles spent his childhood traveling the North American road racing circuit watching his father compete for the Trans-Am championship with his own team, Maier Racing. During this period, Charles was bit by the racing bug and by age 18 he was embarking on his own racing career, which would eventually lead him to compete at the international level. In 1992, after studying business at Cal State Hayward, Charles’ focus turned to technical engineering within the motorsport industry leading to the formation of his first business California Racing Composites (CRC) manufacturing carbon fiber products for the motorsport industry. In 1996 only a few months before the sale of CRC to K&N Engineering, Charles started producing the first carbon fiber wallet prototype by sewing carbon fiber to an existing leather wallet. Shortly thereafter Charles would begin producing carbon fiber-wrapped leather wallets in Asia. The sale of CRC to K&N Engineering proved to be a pivotal turning point for Charles, as the company would eventually hire him to head the company’s European, Middle Eastern and African markets. It was during this five-year stint of living abroad that Charles was introduced to European fashion and his interest in high-tech materials merged with his fascination of Italian design. In 2004, Charles would set up the manufacturing of his carbon fiber-wrapped leather wallets in Italy where he would see tremendous growth of the company thus allowing him to expand the Maier brand to include briefcases, handbags and ladies shoes. It is this move to Italian craftsmanship that would allow the Maier brand of products to emerge as one of the elite brands sought after by those with a passion for fine, high-end fashion.

The Product

Fueling our passion for the beauty and engineering in motorsports, Maier products embody the style of that classic Ferrari 250 California Spyder, with the craftsmanship and performance synonymous of a single word... "Enzo". The Maier line is handmade in Italy, void of any automation. Cutting-edge carbon fiber from the United States and hand-stitched Spanish/UK leathers combined to create sleek, strong and supple attaches, handbags, wallets and other accessories. Every stitch embodies the Italian culture of perfection. And in the same way success at Le Mans requires a team of dedicated specialists, our team brings together the best of the New World and the Old World to bring you the entire Maier product line.